Crashes in Fort Worth


We know that crashes resulting in the death of cyclists nationwide have been increasing for the past decade.  But what do the numbers look like in Fort Worth?  We’ve analyzed and mapped the available data from TxDOT, and here is what we found:

  • Since 2010, there have been 14 people killed while bicycling.
  • The number of crashes increased by 63% since 2010, while the population has only increased by 20%
  • The most commonly cited contributing factor is driver inattention, and the second is driveway ingress/egress.
  • The majority of crashes involve cyclists under the age of 24 

You can view crash locations on the maps below.  If you were involved in a mapped incident and would like to provide additional information or inform us of an event that should be mapped, email and reference the latitude and longitude. 

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